Trevissome House 


With boatyard facilities/ Mooring/ Layup/ Launching/ Dinghy park

TELEPHONE  01326 374605 Email:


Personally supervised by the resident proprietors, the Kulpa family.



A selection of comments from our guests and marine services users.


There is an atmosphere of mutual help at Trevissome, something you dont always get.

Trevissome really does offer a competant team with genuine smiles.

T. Ward, Falmouth 2010


Trevissome is a rare treat nowadays, a friendly and helpful environment in beautiful environment

George Mc Burnie 2013


So easy to keep the boat here, cost effective and with such a helpful bumch of people to work with

Roger Gates 2013


Trevissome has all the facilities needed to moor and maintain the boat without the silly prices so common in other places

Bob Black 2014


This is quite a well kept secret where most local people have kept and looked after thier boats for years

Shamous Trainer 2014




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